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The DeepMatrixIP9 package (new 5/18/2014 update version 1.05!) including client, server, source code, and documentation:

-OR- You can just download the new client jar and replace the old one in the DeepMatrixIP9-v1_04/client_application folder:DeepMatrixIP9client.jar

The previous version of the DeepMatrixIP9

The original Geometrek DeepMatrix applet, server, source code and documentation:

The grand daddy of them all! The original VNet EAI applet and JSAI clients by Steven White and Jeff Sonstein: VNet
and its server: VNet

Vivaty Studio
The final incarnation of what started as "Spazz" way-back-when. It has now followed "Liquid Reality" into one-ness with the Borg.

Crossroads 3D Format Converter
Keith Rule's classic format converter and still my personal favorite.